Best Blogging Platform To Start A Blog

Best Blogging Platform

 In the modern era, there will be a very few people who do not use the Internet. Most often we use the internet to gain information. The internet speed and traffic are continuously increasing significantly. The reason is smartphones that are available in the budget of the middle class and most of the people have replaced their old phones and uses smartphones.
We visit many websites that are full of information about some music sites, online E-commerce websites and some websites only have information about a particular area. Information and services related to almost every field are available on the Internet.
The blog is a product that has attracted the masses to contribute to the Internet world. In simple terms, “Blog is a content management system that helps us with the help of a visual editor in the simplest way and gives freedom to create web pages.
To create a simple blog, we do not need too much technical knowledge nor pay any kind of payment. Only with a little information, we can create a good blog. The blog can be on any topic, especially when you have a good knowledge about a specific subject and want to share it with the World. The blog can be a great platform for you to share information with the readers.

The difference between a website and a blog.

The most basic difference in a website and blog is that the structure of the website is more complex than any blog. We need to have a knowledge of programming language to make a website. The website is created for a particular purpose while creating and operating a blog is a simple process.  

Which is the best blogging platform for free?

If you are thinking of starting blogging then you might also be wondering where to start, which options are available for blogging and best blogging for me.  Apart from this, when you start blogging, you will have to think about hosting space and domain name. Both of these points are very important because when you want to start your blog, you may start free without any investment.

When you are planning to create a blog, then you must think the two things carefully whether you want to get a hosting and domain name free or not. If you do not want to invest anything in both of them and want to start a blog totally free, then the best choice of your’s will be  “”. Along with Blogger, there are some other best blogging platforms you can use to create a free blog website.


Let us find which is the best blogging platform.


If you want a free hosting, free domain name, easy to use the blog, then there is no better platform than Blogger. This is the best free blogging platform for all new and casual bloggers. You can set up your new blog without any technical expertise within 25-30 minutes. Along with this, you would be able to move to another blogging platform like WordPress in future.

Advantage of Blogger-

-You do not need the knowledge of technical or programming language and this is easy to understand and maintain.
-You will find free Domain like that can be replaced with your domain name in future.
-There is no need to buy Hosting. is very old and it is very stable and reliable due to the support of Google. 
-Google AdSense is easy to integrate.

Tumblr is a very good and free blog site option for casual bloggers who specialize in visual content (humor, photography, food, art, etc.). Tumblr users are supposed to share visual content such as pictures, videos, links, and infographics. It is very easy to use but it does not focus on text content and most of the focus on photos and GIFs for those people who want to blog on text or information sharing. Visual bloggers like it a lot, but it is not considered a great platform for writers.


To create a blog on Weebly is easy to use and free Blog Host platform which offers a lot of SEO designed templates. Weebly’s special feature is drag and drop option for those people who do not want to do a programming, the expert coding option is not available in Weebly.
If you want to change the blog’s HTML or CSS, it is not easy in Weebly because Weebly focuses to provide service to those people who want to create and update very fast and quick blogs without any programming information.


Medium is a free blogging platform. It has been created by Twitter’s founders. Medium is a micro-blogging platform that is believed to suit for very mature professionals and serious bloggers. Medium has no customization and themes options like WordPress, but the number of themes is available.
The most important thing is that Medium connects people with stories and new ideas that matter to you. In the Medium, there is an additional social component that you can follow with your interest. Medium is a community of readers and writers offering unique perspectives on ideas both big and small.

5.WordPress: –

WordPress is also a very popular and best blogging platform. The blogger who uses WordPress is professional because it has the lot of flexibility, extensibility, and rich features. The WordPress software is a free publishing tool and search-engine friendly content management system (CMS).
WordPress is popular among all bloggers and large-scale businesses because it offers a lot of paid and free custom themes and plugins option. WordPress comes in highly flexible, scalable, user-friendly and search engine optimized.

My Opinion

The blogger is simple in which you can easily create your blog and learn a lot or say a new one. On the other hand, WordPress is the best blogging platform that comes with a highly professional look, flexible and comes with thousands of free or paid themes and plugins that make it very popular. If you liked this post, then please share and tell us through a comment in the comment box.  


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