Black Hat SEO And White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO and White Hate SEO

Today we will know about black hat, white hat and gray hat SEO. Everyone who is in the blogging field is familiar with these terms both Black Hat SEO And White Hat SEO. We know how much SEO or search engine optimization is necessary for any blogging website.

SEO is a process that helps us to increase both volume and quality traffic on our blog or website. Bloggers want to be popular quickly and they lack patience. They always find such tricks that will help them to increase the ranking of their blog as soon as possible.

The best option is to look at the black hat as you get results immediately and you do not need to wait, therefore black hat technique attracts the newest bloggers. We know that how much SEO is necessary for any site. If your blog has a good SEO then the ranking of your site will increase soon. We know that the search engines also work based on algorithms and you have the better technique of SEO for your site’s ranking.

For ranking a website a new SEO technique is followed in which gray hat SEO, black hat SEO and white hat SEO these three kinds of SEO are used. The most popular of these are black hat and white hat. If I talk about it, the main difference between these two is in their specific SEO techniques. These are many differences from each other. 


What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat optimization is known as Unethical SEO. In this method, the guidelines of search engines are not followed. But still, it gets the fastest results. Using this will speed up traffic to your blog quickly; blogs will grow for a very short period of time.

If you adopt this SEO technique, then search engines will put your blog on the blacklist. The search engine is quite intelligent and powerful enough to know quickly that you have used black hat SEO. If your site goes to the blacklist then typing even site URL will not come in Google. For this reason, we should not use black hat SEO.


Black Hat Seo Techniques

1.  Meta keywords:- Meta keywords are those short words that are used to show only to the audience about on which topic the article is written, but these meta keywords are being misused deliberately. There is no relation to the main article; this is just being done to increase the rank of the page.

2. Keyword Stuffing:- In this method the site owner uses some specific keywords intentionally in many places of the article. It has only one purpose to rank that article, it does not feel good to read because the specific keywords are repeatedly used without any reason. 

3. Spamdexing:-  This is such practice in which the user repeatedly uses unrelated phrases so that his post may rank at the earliest even if such words or phrases are not beneficial for the viewers.

4. Doorway pages:- These are called fake pages that viewers cannot see, they are designed only by keeping in mind the search engine’s spiders. This method can easily increase the ranking of site and indexing pages quickly.

5. Invisible text:- Some keywords are written in white text and placed in the white background. They attract to more and more Google spiders. This text is called invisible text. Normal viewers are not able to see this kind of text. Only Google spiders or search engines can read this.

What is White Hat SEO?

This is a slow process and aimed at targeting the users and not the search engines, to deliver the right information and articles to the people. White hat not only follows the whole guideline of SEO but also ensures that whatever the content that has been indexed by search engines, users can also read all the articles. Their purpose is to bring the right information to the people.


 White Hat SEO Techniques

1. Titles and Meta Data:- It is very important to use proper titles and Meta Data in your pages. Whenever you use titles and Meta Data, then note that this should be the right representation of the content of your main article.

2. Quality Content:- Whenever we hear about SEO, we hear about a phrase, “Content is the king”. If your article does not have the Quality Content then you can never get a good ranking. SEO can help only be made searchable, not readable.

3. Use keyword research:- Before writing any article, keyword research should be given more attention because, by doing so, we can make our articles even better. You should not use only single keywords and try to use combinations of multi-words that users have looked at and competition is less and searches are high. We should always use keywords in the title, description, heading elements, alt Tag, text, and links.

4. Well structural semantic markup and separate content:- Always the first choice of search engines is the structural content. Using the right headlines, search engines also have an easy way to index the article and users also have the ability to read. Search engines give more preference to such articles that are good, well formatted and well structured.

5. Quality Link Building and inbound links:-  Quality backlinks means link to websites that tell you that the facts given in your content are authentic. In this proof, they will display links of your website. This will increase the importance of your content, so that very good backlink have more importance and if possible, bring links from such websites that are related to your domain. If you write about technology, then you will have to get backlinks from the technology related website and you also need quality inbound links. This would make a good ranking in the search engine to your blog.


What is Gray hat SEO?

Gray hat SEO is a combination of 95% White Hate SEO and 5% Black Hat SEO. If you have the proper knowledge of SEO, then you can try it but if anything goes down in it, then you will have to face the consequences.


Which method is more effective black hat SEO and white hat SEO?

Well, we can not directly tell whether the angle of black hat SEO and white hat SEO is more effective but if I talk about short time then black hat technique is more effective. but if I talk about a long time then the white hat is more effective because white hat mainly gives importance to the human audience, and black hat technique gives more priority to search engines and grey hat SEO is the combination of both black hat SEO and white hat SEO.


My Opinion

Here it is very important to understand that what should we use black hat SEO and white hat SEO. The important thing is that we should always use White Hat process. This technique increases your site ranking slowly. There is no shortcut to getting success quickly. Here I would suggest that it is not good to use gray hat SEO and black hat SEO.
Hopefully, your dougth will be clear. If you liked this article, you must share it with your friends.


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