How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

Speed Up Your WordPress Site
Most people these days prefer to have a site hosted by WordPress because of its built-in features that make life much easier as opposed to building a website from scratch.  But simply making the website is not good enough if you want to have scores of users visiting your website and boosting up its ranking. Attracting traffic to your WordPress website might seem like a daunting task but it is not that difficult once you get the hang of it.
Here are the ways how you can speed up your WordPress site:

Cranking up the speed of your WordPress Site

If a person visits your website for the first time, you have to ensure that your WordPress website has a good loading time that is fast enough to let the user stay engaged. Anything slower than the usual speed, be prepared to lose visitors. Google now uses website speed in its ranking algorithm as well so you have to speed up your WordPress site.

How to speed up your WordPress site?

These steps will greatly help you learn how to speed up your WordPress site in a matter of minutes or hours.

Optimize the images and homepage

Another good way to speed up your WordPress site is to optimize the images and the homepage. Install plugins like WP SmushIt to reduce the size of the images without compromising on the quality. Likewise, you can optimize your homepage as well because that’s the first and the most visited page of your website.

Select the lightweight theme

Lightweight WordPress theme is also an important factor for the site speed. Sometimes we select a very attractive theme that uses bad coding and slows down your website speed. So we avoid flashy, animated and featured theme and choose simple and lightweight WordPress theme.  

Always choose a good hosting provider

Most people use shared hosting when they first make their website but that is not a good idea. Shared hosting sites have their own hidden agenda going on and their gimmicky offers for the infinite number of page visits will tempt you but it is best to steer clear of them. Some of the best hosts that you can work with if you want to speed up your WordPress site are  Hostgator, Siteground and BlueHost.

Use a Content Delivery Network

This is one of the key steps to do if you want to speed up your WordPress site. Believe it or not, all the big names in blogging and businesses that use WordPress site use a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Using a good CDN such as MaxCDN, Cloudflare and Rackspace, enables your visitors to download all the static files such as CSS, JavaScript, JPEG, etc., on their closest servers. So, whatever content that you are posting or publishing, if it can be easily downloaded by your visitors, then rest assured that your website is working smoothly in terms of providing all the content.


Caching plugin

WordPress is all about plugins. If you want to speed up your WordPress site, it is imperative that you install a plugin for storing up all the cache. Some of the best plugins on WordPress are just for caching alone,  so you can imagine how important they are to boost up the speed and response rate of your website.


Some of the best plugins that you can use to speed up your WordPress site is WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache and Comet Cache.

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