What is on page optimization in SEO

on page optimization in SEO
On Page Optimization is also called On-Site SEO. This is the technique by which we work on our website or blog to optimize for the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex so that our website rank on the first page for targeted keywords. To rank for this, we have to do all the work on our site. If we do not use this technique, then our site will never rank on the search engine’s results page.

On Page Optimization Techniques

Site Title

The site title is a very important factor because any website is known by its title. We must keep our site’s unique headline so that the search engine can know what the site is about.

Post Title

We must keep the attractive post title name using the keywords for our post, so that the search engine can know that our post is based on which subject.

Meta Description

We should also use meta descriptions with targeted keywords. The search engine reads the meta description and only of that, it can know the subject of the post.  The meta description should be about 160 characters which describe the post content and appear on the search page.

Use of Targeted Keywords

Targeted keywords must be used in a blog or article so that the search engine can find out about which subject your post is based on, and for which keywords you want the traffic. Usually, we should place the keyword targeted in the permalink, h1 h2 tag, meta title tag, description, starting and ending of the paragraph and in the image “Alt Tags”.

Post URL Structure (Permalink)

Before posting on the website, we should select the permalink by post name (https://stareblog.com/sample-post/) as the search engine prefers permalink by post name.

Use Body Tags (h1, h2, h3 etc)

The post keyword should be in the h1 tag followed by sub-heading h2 and h3 tags.

Keyword Density

Keywords should be used in a limited amount in the blog. 1.5% keyword density is the best for the blog. If we use more than 1.5%, then this keyword will be called stuffing which will be spamming in the eyes of Google which Will put a bad impression on the post and site traffic.

ALT tag

Generally, Google, Yahoo or Bing’s search engines are unable to read our post image, so the image needs  ALT tag under which we write titles and description for the image so that the search engines can know that the image is related for which topic. It is also kept in mind that the image should never be uploaded with names like image123.jpg but it should be uploaded only with the related name. If our POST is related to HP laptop then the image should be like hplaptop.jpg before uploading.

Canonical Issue

The canonical issue should not be on your website at all. If your website has URL www.example.com and you type in google browser http://www.example.com,  http://example.com or example.com  then it should be redirected to the www.example.com, then there is no canonical issue here.


In the second condition if your website has URL  www.example.com and you type in google browser example.com and press the Enter Key and you redirected on example.com instead of www.example.com then Google’s Search Engine will consider two separate websites instead of one.  In this situation, Google will treat a URL example.com as a duplicate content to the original which will put a bad impact on your website, so this issue should be resolved promptly.

Post Words Limit

Blog or article should be at least 300-700 words, but blogs or articles up to 1000 words are considered to be better, and more than 2500 words are considered to be the best for organic traffic. Search engine likes long length article. We should avoid writing the post in fewer words. This does not mean that we fill in unnecessary words, and our article will not be useful, which will impact bad impressions to the users.

Check Broken Links

Generally, we create a post and delete it later and if any other post has been linked to a deleted post, then in this situation this kind of posts appear on the search engine result page and that post is not available on the site, in this situation a 404 error will be shown to the user which would be harmful to our website, so we need to keep in mind that there should be no broken links at our site. Such post should be redirected to the existing post.

Optimize site speed

We should select a lightweight theme for our blogging site so that our site takes less time to load, it is a very important factor for On Page Optimization in SEO. If a user comes to our site through search and he opens the URL to read an article and the site takes much time to load, then in this situation any user will move to another site without waiting, to avoid this, we should optimize the site speed so that our website can load fast and we may not lose traffic.

Internal Post Linking

The new post must be linked to the old related post. This linking is considered good from the point of view of SEO which helps the users to stay on the website longer. Google also like such posts that have been linked to the old post.

Social Sharing Button

In the present time, social media has become a very big platform for brand awareness. Almost every person uses social media and we have often seen that some unique posts become viral within a short time. Therefore, we must also put a social sharing button in the post so that if a visitor likes our posts, then he can share the post so that we can get maximum traffic and our posts can reach as many people as possible.

Sitemap Submission

We must make a sitemap of the website and submit it to Google and Bing webmaster so that the crawlers of Google and Bing can get information about all the posts and pages available in our site, and when they are searched for related posts, our post would appear in the search result page.


Friends, we came to know here that what is On Page Optimization in SEO and how it plays an important role and all the factors listed here are applicable for ranking. If any factor remains left then it will put a bad impression on our website and our site would not be able to rank in search engines. If you feel this post provide some information, then please share and tell us through a comment in the comment box.

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